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On March 1, 2015, a group of experts in international law, human rights law, environmental law, and other law adopted the  Oslo Principles on Global Obligations to Reduce Climate Change. These experts came from national and international courts, universities and organizations located around the world.  In part two of two podcasts on the Oslo Principles, Professor Myanna Dellinger interviews Philip Sutherland, a Professor at the Stellenbosch University Faculty of Law in South Africa.  Professor Sutherland was one of 13 experts contributing to the recent formulation of the “Oslo Principles on Global Climate Change Obligations” and will be adding his insight to the previous comments by Professor Gerrard on the Principles.  Prof Sutherland teaches and researches in the areas of corporate, competition and financial services law. He has published more than 35 articles and chapters in books in these fields.  His main focus is currently the broader societal impacts of business activities.

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