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JonathanCobb2.jpg To avoid the worst effects of climate change, it has become clear that fossil fuels must be left in the ground. Nuclear power has resurfaced on the scene as a potentially viable energy source after the phase-out of fossil fuels. In this three part-series, you will be able to hear from experts in the field discuss both the pros and cons of nuclear energy and related future energy issues.

This is part two of the series. In this part, Professor Dellinger interview Dr Jonathan Cobb. Dr. Cobb is a Senior Communication Manager at the World Nuclear Association, based in London, United Kingdom. Dr Cobb began his career working in R&D for British Nuclear Fuels before focusing on climate change, sustainable development and energy policy. He joined the World Nuclear Association in 2005 as their advisor on climate change. He has represented the World Nuclear Association at the UNFCCC climate change meetings since 1999 and most recently attended COP 21 in Paris in 2015.

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Myanna Dellinger
Associate Professor of Law
University of South Dakota School of Law

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