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Climate change... should it be solved by governments at various scales or by technological innovation? Or is there a third path Wil_Burns_cover200.jpginvolving both options?  In this podcast, Dr. Wil Burns discusses how climate geoengineering might find some valuable use as a temporary and limited method of alleviating the dire and urgent effects of climate change until a long-term solution to the underlying problem can be found.  Dr. Burns takes a pragmatic scientific approach to the somewhat controversial issue of geoengineering, but does not advocate it as an end-all, be-all solution.  After explaining the currently most promising geoengineering techniques, Dr. Burns discusses with Associate Professor of Law Myanna Dellinger the known socio-legal, political and corporate ramifications of looking to technology instead of supranational legal agreements for solutions to climate change.  

This is the inaugural podcast of the Committee on International Environmental Law of the American Branch of the International Law Association.   
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