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In order to get the best interviews from around the world, Professor Dellinger normally conducts interviews over Skype.  Here are a few hints to make the interview recording go well:
  • Find a quiet location to record.  If you are in an office, close your door and consider placing a note outside that says something to the effect of “podcast recording in progress”
  • Sit comfortably, and if your chair is squeaky, consider using a different chair.
  • Become familiar with where your microphone is situated.  If possible, borrow an external microphone if you are using a built-in microphone on a laptop.
  • Speak clearly and concisely.  If you want to say something over, clearly say something to the effect that you want to do it over, then pause, then start again.
  • Use headphones.  Even small bud earphones work.  It reduces an echo that we sometimes experience.
  • The podcasts are not live.  If you flub up, or want to reword something, simply stop, say something to the effect of "strike that last sentence", take a 1 second pause and continue.
  • Most importantly, have fun and be relaxed!

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