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The Global Energy and Environmental Law Podcast is jointly sponsored by:

This podcast is recorded and produced by Professor Myanna Dellinger on a semi-regular basis.
Technical assistance and sound engineering provided by her husband, David Dellinger.

Interview Guidelines

In order to get the best interviews from around the world, Professor Dellinger sometimes conducts interviews over Skype.  Here are a few hints to make the interview recording go well:

  • Find a quiet location to record.  If you are in an office, close your door and consider placing a note outside that says something to the effect of “podcast recording in progress”
  • Sit comfortably, and if your chair is squeaky, consider using a different chair.
  • Become familiar with where your microphone is situated.  If possible, borrow an external microphone if you are using a built-in microphone on a laptop.
  • Speak clearly and concisely.  If you want to say something over, clearly say something to the effect that you want to do it over, then pause, then start again.
  • Use headphones.  Even small bud earphones work.  It reduces an echo that we sometimes experience.
  • The podcasts are not live.  If you flub up, or want to reword something, simply stop, say something to the effect of "strike that last sentence", take a 1 second pause and continue.
  • Most importantly, have fun and be relaxed!
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